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Woodchips and biomass burners are the cheapest heating system.

Woodchips and biomass burners are the cheapest heating system.

The burners with step grates awarded by the Ministry of the Environment have been our company's specialty for many years.
Our company specializes in the production of burners and heating devices for the combustion of so-called difficult fuels, i.e. waste, waste biomass, wood chips, carbonizate, sawdust, etc.
We serve industrial companies including carpentry, sawmills, furniture factories as well as industrial plants that have access to cheap biomass.

Woodchips and biomass burners are the cheapest heating system.

Our woodchips and biomass burners built into boilers, which supply dryers for wood and cereals, and supply industrial halls with hot water or heating. The zonal step furnace allows combustion and burning of almost any solid fuel. Industrial heating has different requirements than cheap central heating ovens from the internet. The heating should be reliable, universal and certified.

Adapted to industrial work

Our devices have a reinforced structure and can be used for continuous operation, e.g. for a dryer where it is supplied with heat all year round. Reinforced gears, feeders, cast iron elements and precise control ensure reliable operation of the unit. Regardless of whether we are talking about 100 kW or 500 kw. Our woodchips and biomass burners can burn various fuels with different calorific value and humidity. We have specialized in the combustion of difficult, alternative and waste fuels for years. That is why our technology has been awarded many times and is also used e.g. in eco waste incineration plants.
We have a number of reference facilities where our burners work, which burn, for example, torrefied biomass, wet wood chips, sawdust dust, trouts, wood chips from energy plants. Burning wood chips from miscanthus or mallow is quite difficult - especially from NOx emissions. We work in cooperation with the combustion of various biomass and waste species in cooperation with research and development centers of polytechnics and the energy institute. They are supported by numerous emission and endurance tests. We know that for industrial applications, burners must be durable and reliable, as interruptions in heating or heat supply of the technology process are unacceptable.



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