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Woodchip is still cheapest fuel on the market

Woodchip is still cheapest fuel on the market

Woodchips are easy to produce and to get all over the Europe. Everywhere where is forest or trees we have a lot of waste wooden biomass that we can chop in special maschines. We can produce woodchip everywhere becouse most of such maschines are based on trailers.

Branches, log woods, off cuts, sawdust, scobs can be burned in our Biowarmer series boilers

Woodchips as energy source are cheapest to obtain or produce. Our boilers have modern burners with moving grates and cast iron parts. We use electrical igintion for easy start and power modulation becouse our burners work on base on/off like gas or oil burners.

What are other advantages of our woodchip fired boilers ?

- stronger gears and feeding systems

- industrial screw

- different feeding systems and hopper versions :  extrernal silos, internal silos or moving floors

- automatic cleaning systems

We can provide complete biomass fired boiler rooms also in container systems.

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