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Wood chips are still cheapest source of heating

Wood chips are still cheapest source of heating

Wood chips fired boiler Biowarmer - can use not only off cuts but other source of choped biomass like: sunflower husks, briquettes, expeller, shells, hay, straw and scobs or shavings.

Wood chips are mostly avaible fuel almost everywhere becouse we have branches from parks,orchards,plantantions or forest.We can produce wood chips or shavings also from energy plants like: Miskantus. 

We made even tests to burn coffee scales or corn !

To produce woodchips we need to create certain automatic biomass line with energy production - it must be of course our boiler but also chopper for woodchips production.

Important is also place, we need covered builiding for biomass storage.We can use movable floor for woodchips transportation but also outside silos or hydraulic pickers or sellectors. 

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