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Which boiler with a automatic feeding system is recommended  for briquettes, wood chips, sawdust and pellets combustion ?

Which boiler with a automatic feeding system is recommended for briquettes, wood chips, sawdust and pellets combustion ?

Which boiler with a automatic feeding system is recommended  for briquettes, wood chips, sawdust and pellets combustion ?

Pellet has become very popular in Europe, it is a more ecological and cleaner fuel which is a substitute for eco-pea coal. It is also packaged, which means it is easy to store and you can replenish fuel reserves for the whole year - unlike coal, you do not have to buy a few tons "in advance". If we do not want to burn only with pellets but also with biomass, a standard wood pellet stove is unfortunately not enough.


So which model is better to choose?

The price of pellets is similar to that of eco-pea coal. It's greener but it's not the same as cheap. Unfortunately, granulated fuels, bagged, due to distribution costs, cost as much as 200 euro per ton. For many customers, the price is quite high, especially since many of us have access to alternative fuel for free.

What are alternative fuels to pellets and also ecological ones? Wood chips are a much cheaper substitute for pellets - which practically each of us can produce ourselves. All you need is a chipper and access to a cheap tree. Having branches and wood waste, we can produce free biofuel ourselves - much cheaper than pellets. Many municipalities have noticed the potential of wood chips a long time ago by building local heat plants not for pellets but for wood chips. By clearing forests, cutting branches by roads and parks - we have free heating biofuel.


Woodchips fired boilers are perfect for biomass combustion. Wood chips are renewables avaible almost everywhere.

Another underestimated alternative to pellets is briquette - much cheaper - made of sawdust or straw. It has a similar calorific value and exhaust emissions. Briquette is over 60% cheaper than pellets and can be burned in our boilers with automatic fuel feeding.
Sawdust - for many carpentry shops and saw mills, it is a by-product of wood production. Some companies process it into pellets or briquettes - and some even distribute it to their neighbors. Not realizing that it is an excellent ecological fuel that can be burned in our ecological central heating boilers.
A profitable alternative to pellets
These three fuels are a very interesting alternative to pellets, another one is agro-pellets - pellets made of sunflower husk, miscanthus, etc. It is a less caloric granulate with a higher ash content, which requires burners with mechanical slag removal. But it is still cheaper fuel than pellets.

Our company has combustion solutions for all the above-mentioned fuels. These are central heating boilers with an automatic feeder, which meet the requirements of the 5th emission class and ecodesign. It is an interesting alternative to pellet stoves. Their operation is similar, but many more advanced systems were used to automate the combustion process:

- mechanical burner deslagging system - through the use of servomotors (option)
- a system of replaceable burner elements facilitates servicing
- automatic ash removal system
- reinforced gears and feeding screws with increased cross-section and winding (depending on the boiler model)

Economical biomass combustion
In order for the central heating boiler to burn inferior types of biomass, unqualified and sorted fuels, it must have a properly built burner and fuel feeding system. Contrary to standard pellet boilers, which have burners and feeders, appropriately reduced because pellets are a 6/8 mm granulated fuel with a specific bulk value - boilers for fragmented biomass must have larger furnaces (fuel is less caloric, so we have to burn it more ), stronger gears (wood chips give more resistance than pellets), different screw windings (sawdust, wood chips, briquettes have a different cross-section and length than pellets). Therefore, the basic difference between a pellet boiler and a wood chip boiler is that the pellet model burns only this fuel - and the wood chip model with a larger screw will also burn sawdust and pellets. The briquette model has the largest feeding augers and will feed both wood chips and pellets or sawdust.

Our central heating boilers also have a number of innovations:
• self cleaner system - cast iron or heat-resistant movable grates
• easy air system - furnace aeration system
• 2 in 1 screw system - additional screw in the furnace for feeding fuel
• autoignition system - automatic ignition, modulation of work and power of the device.
















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