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What is wood gasification and why is it the most ecological heating system

What is wood gasification and why is it the most ecological heating system

What is wood gasification and why is it the most ecological heating system.

Wood gasification is one of the most effective techniques for its combustion and swept into heat energy, which can be used for heating, cogeneration or trigeneration systems or the production of biochar (carbonate).

What is biomass gasification?

Wood gasification but also biomass consists in the process of converting it to gaseous fuel by heating it. In the gasification process, the chemical energy of coal in biomass or wood is released in the form of flammable gas, so-called holzgaz, i.e. wood gas. It is then burned in the afterburning chamber and the combustion process itself is carried out by means of appropriate doses of primary and secondary air. Thanks to this process, we can have completely clean wood burning, comparable to burning gas fuels.

Gasification of wood or biofuels is also pyrolysis of biomass, e.g. wood chips, wood chips, blocks, briquettes, etc.

Boilers for gasification of biomass or wood were already known in the eighties, for years wood gasification stoves have been standard in many European countries and have effectively displaced coal boilers from use.

Why is a gasified wood boiler better than coal-fired boiler or with a coal feeder?
  • wood is a renewable energy source
  • wood is cheaper than coal
  • wood is cleaner, smells good and can be aesthetically stored in woodsheds
the exhaust gas emissions of the wood gasification boiler is comparable to an LPG furnace and not a coal one, it is much lower even than pellet
A very interesting solution are the newer models of wood gasification boilers and a biomass feeder - Sigma dual. These combined or dual central heating boilers that have a three-chamber structure - two independent chambers for burning wood and pellets. In the case of the Sigma dual models, one of the most practical functions, valued by users throughout Europe for years, is automatic switching between wood and pellets - what does this mean?
After burning a portion of wood, the user does not have to come, manually ignite or start the pellet burner, screw it or assemble / disassemble as in the case of cheaper outdated furnace constructions. The Sigma dual central heating boiler has a combustion temperature sensor and will start the pellet burner automatically automatically - without user intervention. These boilers have both ecodesign and class 5 certificates on both fuels: wood and pellets, which is why you can obtain financing for them.
Wood gasification is an ecological, innovative but also demanding process. The restriction of its use is the raw material for combustion - i.e. the input: firewood. Sigma boilers allow the use of 50 cm pieces of wood, which greatly facilitates their exploitation. However, for gasification it must be dry wood - seasoned. It can be hard-deciduous wood, which always has better calorific value and less tar or admixture of coniferous wood.
The Sigma wood central heating boiler has special anti-corrosive screens in the loading chamber, and the elements exposed to tar and condensate are made of either iron or chamotte - thanks to which the heated, easily burns soot or water after burning, thus protecting the boiler against corrosion

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