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Thermal waste boilers with movable grate burner 150 - 960 kW

Thermal waste boilers with movable grate burner 150 - 960 kW

The grate combustion technology is developed by our company for years. We received Green Evo Award for movable grate biomass burner in 2016. In 2017 we received another award during International Enviroment Protection fairs in Poznan.

We have specially designed boiler series for the thermal treatment of municipal solid waste.

Grate combustion technology is in common use for decades in the world. Is is second solution for waste treatment plants - next to fluidised bed combustion systems.

We use this system combined with special gasifier chamber, that we keep temperature of combustion 1300 degrees C all the time. It is autothermal process - we don't have to use other fuel to clean flue gases.

That's why we offer our utilization boilers to work together in complete lines with:

  • rdf snf dryers
  • rdf snf briquetting lines
  • sludge dryers
  • biomass dryers
Waste incineration also requires flue gas cleaning installations and that is also what we offer in our systems.DeSOx DeNOx systems can be provided with complete filtration systems to our autothermal process.

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