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Thank you for visting stand during Drema fairs

Thank you for visting stand during Drema fairs

Thank you for visiting our stand at the international fair for the wood, furniture and carpentry industries DREMA.

We presented heating floor standing boilers and burners for burning wood chips, biomass, briquettes or pellets. These are heating boilers dedicated to carpenters, foresters, furniture and carpentry plants as well as sawmills. Our devices can heat halls, warehouses or power wood dryers.

During the fair, you could see our two flagship products:

Sigma dual - combi boilers for wood and pellets

Biowarmer - heating boilers with a feeder for biomass combustion

The offered heating devices belong to the group of renewable energy sources, they are certified and subsidies can be obtained for their purchase and installation. Burning sawdust, wood chips, wood chips and shavings is a free heating of your business. They are alternative fuels to gas, electricity and coal. It should be remembered that forest biomass is also much cheaper than processed - i.e. pellets or briquettes. It can be burned in our boilers automatically and efficiently with high thermal efficiency.

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