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  Straw bale fired heating boilers. How to select a proper one ?

Straw bale fired heating boilers. How to select a proper one ?

 Straw bale fired heating boilers. How to select a proper one ?

Straw as fuel, is one of the cheapest source of heating. We can burn it in new central heating boilers or air heaters and get very cheap and clean Energy. What is most important – we use local fuel, eco friendly and cheap !

How to select proper straw bale fired boiler ?

Answer for question how to select good bale straw fired central heating boiler is not so easy. Selection of proper model is much more difficult then normal solid fuel boiler with burner or manual loaded. Why ?

We must select proper boiler to the straw: bale or cube or briquettes

First, we must notice which straw exactly we will burn in the future. Straw is wide range biofuel – we can get it in bales 90 cm, 120 cm, 160 cm diameter or in cubes, or in form of round briquettes. Boiler must have special dimension of loading chamber to put fuel in proper way during daily operation.


We must provide accumulation tank to the boiler and installation

Second, we must use accumulation tank technology to provide correct operation of the straw fired boiler. During combustion of straw we have huge ammount of Energy in short time – one bale is burning around 2 hrs – we must get energy into water tank with big volume of liters – f.e 2 000 l to the 40 kW boiler. Why we must accumulate energy ? Reason is simple – to avoid loading of the boiler each second hour. We also save fuel becouse we can load boiler with the straw only once per day, becouse are target is not to heat water in installation – but to warm water in puffer tank. Later pumps are directing water into our central heating installation.


We must select proper place for our boiler.

Third,  we must create proper location of the boiler. Straw fired boilers are big, much bigger then solid fuel boilers. We need not only space for the boiler but also for the fuel storage. We must assure also proper place for loading – bale of 160 cm diameter we will load mostly with tractor ! So boiler should be on ground level with very easy access. That’s why we build straw boilers in mobile containers or in special outdoor versions units. We can also install such boiler in big garage or small warehouse.

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