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  • Waste to energy - its important subject for all furniture industry companies - they can save a lot of heating costs using own waste as fuel. 

  • Controlling a boiler with a feeder via the Internet, is it worth it? What if these solutions are not enough for a demanding user? Of course, modern technology associated with the use of the Internet, which is widespread nowadays, comes in handy.

  • What is wood gasification and why is it the most ecological heating system.Wood gasification is one of the most effective techniques for its combustion and swept into heat energy, which can be used for heating, cogeneration or trigeneration systems or the production of biochar (carbonate).

  • Straw bale fired heating boilers are the cheapest source of heating in the village. How to select a proper one ?

  • As a highly automated biomass feed system, the feeder must also be reliable. This is why our company uses reinforced screw gears and conveyors, and hydraulic systems are used for moving floor systems. Our company offers solutions for use for technological purposes throughout the year, for example dryers, etc. Therefore, we offer solutions for the continuous burning of biomass for 7,000 h / year.

  • Woodchips and biomass burners are the cheapest heating system.Our woodchips and biomass burners built into boilers, which supply dryers for wood and cereals, and supply industrial halls with hot water or heating

  • Such installation of waste incineration plants consists of a heating boiler, a special flue gas filtration system and, most importantly, a gas afterburning chamber at a temperature of at least 850 degrees C, where the residence time of the flue gas must be at least 2 S.Why? Only at these temperatures can we eliminate harmful substances from the waste incineration.

  • Movable floor as biomass storage systems - is it worth to pay for it ?

  • Dryers designed for RDF, woodchippers, sewage sludge, waste. It's new product in our offer for 2019.

  • Biomass fired boilers producer look for agents & commercial partners.Renewables for all !

  • Our company is realising project from POIR 02.03.02 Bon na Innowacje MŚP according Smart Growth Programm for Poland. 

  • Our offer of emergency mobile heat trailers indluce ready-to-use units as emergency heating solutions.

  • Our innovative biomass burners - can use not only off cuts but other source of choped biomass like: sunflower husks, briquettes, expeller, shells, hay, straw and scobs or shavings.

  • Wood chips are still avaible and easy to obtain source of heating in big and small scale objects.

  • Accumulation technologies for water heating boiles are one of the best way to increase effciency of domestic heating system. Buffer tanks from 800 to 4000 l are provided now by our company. 

  • The grate combustion technology is developed by our company for years.We have specially designed boiler series for the thermal treatment of municipal solid waste from 150 kW to 5 MW.

  • Biomass air heaters can be used for cheap greenhouses heating. Low cost heating is always demanded solution for farmers, to keep certain profit level .

  • Affordable thermal energy from waste: thermal treatment methods. Across the globe the search for cheap heat sources has been going on for years. With technological and scientific advances it is now possible to generate thermal energy from all types of waste and fuels. Burning of fossil fuels, biomass, gas, and fuel oil is now obsolete, say leading scientists at all kinds of conferences and meetings. The way forward is circular economy. But what is it exactly?

  • Replacement of oil burner into pellet's one - return on investment rate 100 % in first year. We will save 1/2 of yearly cost of heating !

  • Heating can be costfree. It is true ! Thanks our new boiler's series Biowarmer - ( old name Futura BIO )

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