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Movable floor as biomass storage system

Movable floor as biomass storage system

For bigger biomass storage, internal or outdoor silo is often not enough. When we talk about biomass like wood chips, saw dust, off cuts we need space to storage them. Heating value is lower then by pellet or briquettes and we need more storage to keep minimal level of weekly or monthly fuel supply.

Over 10 m3 biomass storage system is worth to invest in movable floor solution. it can be installed in separate room or outdoor container. We can build movable floor to big dimensions for biomass heating plants or boilers like 500 kW, 700 kW, 960 kW or bigger. 

Movable floor can be used not only for biomass or biofuels but also for waste like rdf or srf. In big silos we have often operation problems with feeding system. It always appear problems with lower part of silo connected to the feeding screw. It is difficult to collect 100 % fuel to the screw becouse big storage volume of tank. In movable floor we don't have such problems, wood chip or other fuel is collected by separate screw system or is moved by special hydraulic bumpers to one bigger screw.

Please, contact our technical departament to sellect best biomass storage and feeding system to your central heating or industrial boiler. We can provide complete systems inclluding biomass fired burner and boiler or only part of boiler room like:

  • biomass storage system
  • hopper
  • burner
  • ash removing system
  • special chamber to keep high temperature by waste combustion
  • flue gasses cleaning system with DeNOx, DeSOx system
  • heat exchanger - water, steam or air.

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