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Mobile heat trailers for emergency heating

Mobile heat trailers for emergency heating

Mobile heating boilers can be containerised for mobile use as external solution providing heat when the existing installation has temporarily broken down. Now, users of real estate, hotels, factories, warehouses can use central heating, while the heating installers calmly carry out the required construction or repair measures.

Our mobile trailer or transportable container – are equipped with an integrated oil tank or pellet tanks.It depends which model of trailer customer select.We have in offer:

  • oil fired boilers Buderus, Ferroli
  • pellet boilers CWD
Power range is from 55 kW to 250 kW on mobile trailers and from 150 kW to 2500 kW in mobile containers.
We can additionaly install in containers also:
  • steam units
  • cogeneration units
  • pumps
Our references are hotels, energy providers, hospitals, factories, real estate developers, churches.
Our company can provide ready to-use units in many countires. Usage of mobile heating solutions has many benefits:
- we avoid investment costs
- we reduce space for boiler
- we can rent or lease units for 1 or more heating seasons and also for monhts.

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