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Heating for farmers, greenhouses, hovels, plantations

Heating for farmers, greenhouses, hovels, plantations

Farmer's heating also for greenhouses, hovels, plantations, vineyards. Our newest biomass fired boilers Biowarmer can provide cheap heating source for each farmer's buildings.

We can make clean combustion of biomass sources like:

  • woodchips
  • grape pomaces
  • expellers
  • agro waste
  • shavings
  • sawdust 
  • edgins
  • seeds
  • grain
  • pellets
  • briquettes
  • organic wastes

Biomass fired automatic stoked boiler Biowarmer cam use all of this mentioned fuels, which are cheapest fuel on the market for every farmer.

As leading manufacturer of biomass fired central heating boilers and industrial burners we can offer cheapest way of heating for domestic and industrial use in power output range from 10 kw to 5000 kW ( 5 MW ).We can provide complete heating systems including:

  • water of steam boiler
  • flue gasses treatment
  • control panel inlcuding gsm controller, lambda probes,
  • exhousting fans
  • primary and secondary fans
  • automatic cleaing systems
  • automatic ash removing system
  • automatic ignition and movable grate burners
  • hoppers and feeders with dispensing cells
  • biomass silos or fuel store including movable floors

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