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Heating for farmers and growers

Heating for farmers and growers

On 16-19 June a series of agricultural fairs took place in which we took part. These were the days of agriculture, the Opolagra exhibition and garden fairs.

Due to the wide range of heating for farmers, gardeners, greenhouses and rural buildings, our company took part in the fair showing current news:
- wood chips boilers
- wood chips burners
- oat and grain burners
- straw boilers
- boilers for straw briquettes
- biomass boilers

For farmers, the most important is the use of own waste from agricultural production, residues from a farm, which, for example, as agricultural biomass are ideal for cheap heating. Our devices will burn any type of biomass.

A novelty is the greenhouse heating & cooling system with our biomass boiler and the AGAM system - air drying and recuperation.Climate, dehumidication & air porifying control system AGAM controls temperature  and humidity level in greenhouse. Saves 40-60 % heatibg costs and prevent diseases like Botrytis, Mildew and others.

We offer clean combustion and reasonable prices ! Best heating for farmers and growers.

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