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Forest, timber industry fairs Drema 2019

Forest, timber industry fairs Drema 2019

In Poznań, we showed modern low-emission certified central heating biomass boilers Biowarmer. This offer is dedicated to the wood, sawmill, carpentry and forestry industries.

Biowarmer boilers burns effectively the cheapest fuel on the market, i.e. wood chips.

Fuel woodchips - wood particles with dimensions ranging from a few millimeters to a dozen or so centimeters, formed as a result of shredding wood using chipping machines. Depending on the type of wood, dimensions and quality, wood chips can be a raw material for the production of chipboards, fibreboards, cellulose, for the extraction of resin and tannins, they can be used in the production of ferroalloys. Wood chips next to pellets are also intended for heating purposes and are the cheapest energy fuel.

Requirements for wood chips obtained in Poland, in the forest, are specified in the Polish Standard PN-91 / D-95009 - Forest chips. According to this standard, forest chips can be used for the production of fiberboard and chipboards, used in the production of ferroalloys and as fuel. Fuel woodchips can be made from all types of softwood and hardwood. Chips humidity is not normalized, but in Biowarmer boilers we recommend a humidity of no more than 40% and a chip length of about 30-40 mm.

Fuel or sawmill chips are one of the cheapest energy carriers - for carpenters, sawmill owners and furniture factories, it is practically free fuel that can be burned in our boilers. Of course, you need to pay attention to the degree of wood chip contamination - should be avoided with admixtures of soil or bark.

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