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Exhibition in Poznan

Exhibition in Poznan

Representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure, ASM, ICEB, Euler Hermes, PORT PC as well as ZHI and SPIUG to gave the presentations during fairs and conference. The topics to be presented relate to the current situation on the installation and heating market as well as on the construction and residential market. The following are the topics we would like to discuss:


  • Parameters for construction materials
  • Construction market in Poland with regards to the citizens and economy
  • Payments in the installation and heating industry
  • Summary of the heating industry trends in Poland, effects of smoke-free measures
  • Market of distribution of installation materials in Poland
  • Classification of ETIM goods in the installation and heating industry
  • Certification of buildings with regards to low emissions


Important for us are anti-smoke measures and activities in Poland. We have critical situation with smog, that's why polish anti-smoge comitee - http://www.komitetantysmogowy.pl selected our products, as recommended boilers to buy as eco friendly devices.We took place in this fairs together with them to show solutions how to fight with the smog.

Our wood log gasifier boilers Sigma,  are sold on the market for years. Ten years ago our wood log boilers and pellet boilers were listed on BAFA list and Clear Sky list - list of boilers with top emmision.

Sigma boilers are log wood gasifier it means, we burn wood gas instead wood or timber. We have 2 chambers, one for pirolisis for wood load, second with ceramic for gas combustion. We can have also 3 chamber version Sigma Dual also for pellet burner. It will be hybrid version for wood log use and pellets in the same time , in the same boiler ! 

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