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Dryers designed for RDF, woodchippers, sewage sludge, waste

Dryers designed for RDF, woodchippers, sewage sludge, waste

Dryers designed for RDF, woodchippers, sewage sludge, waste

Our dryers unlike normal dryer drum can not ignite and explode. In practice, this type of dryer can dry the precipitate thickly without contact dried material with fire, smoke from the humidity of 80% to 12%. The drying takes place only in the hot air. The principle of this type of dryer is to heat through special spiral heat exchangers passing into the chamber through which passes inside the hot thermal oil reaches 240 ° C. With the unique design of heat exchangers limited-patent heat is transferred outside the heat exchanger and the inner chamber of the stationary drum in which the assembly of the blades rotate at a right angle and the moving material is dried through the inside bębna.Bęben is additionally heated in the oil bath the material to be dried is thoroughly turned in all directions, so that not only the drying surface is. Heat exchangers in the middle of the drum are adjustable in speed, allowing the material to dry faster, allowing an increase in efficiency and more wet release to allow the material to pass slowly. The second point is the temperature control capacity of the oven. Dryers of this type, with minor adjustments, are suitable for any type of oven and, depending on the starting temperature, can also increase the efficiency of the drying.

Our dryers do not generate any pressure or pressure is needed because not monitored pressure vessel.

Our dryers directly during drying distract dust and gases at regular intervals because there is no possibility of a dust explosion or the ignition of the dryer.

Anyone interested WELCOME Arrival OUR COMPANY AND SUCH trying to dry in their material.

We dry:
Sawdust, wood chips, straw, cereals, beer grains, vinasse, bagasse, fruits and vegetables like.
Feces chicken, beef, pork, horse manure
Substrate mushroom fertilizer and fuel
Microfiber chemical
Sludge utility utilization, organic fertilizers, etc.

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