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Controlling a boiler with a feeder via the Internet, is it worth it?

Controlling a boiler with a feeder via the Internet, is it worth it?

Boiler control systems and central use installations are becoming more and more advanced year by year. Boiler controllers enable cooperation with an external temperature sensor by creating a so-called weather control by controlling the mixing valve. They can also cooperate with a room thermostat and thus maintain a constant, set by the user temperature in a heated room, or after connecting additional sensors to the thermostat to control many heating circuits. These types of solutions are very popular and used in almost every modern heating system and home.

What if these solutions are not enough for a demanding user? Of course, modern technology associated with the use of the Internet, which is widespread nowadays, comes in handy.

Internet modules are available for most boiler controllers with solid, gas, oil or electric feeders. Interestingly, it is also possible to use a new controller and internet module in older boiler models. It is enough to convert the automation to the latest one with the possibility of remote control via wifi or lan. Modern furnace controllers allow remote control of the boiler and preview of current parameters. Internet modules also allow you to be notified in the event of any failure.

There is a lot advantages of usage of internet boiler's controller:
We can imagine the situation when we go on vacation or holidays. We can monitor the operation of our heating system and control the temperature at home from anywhere in the world. We also have the option to turn off the boiler and turn it on when it is needed. This will allow us not only to save money, intended for heating the house, but also to raise the temperature in the house in advance before returning, so that in the event of prolonged departure does not return to the chilled house.

Internet control is not only intended for boiler users in single-family homes. It is also very helpful in the case of heating systems in office buildings, production plants or commercial facilities. In our boilers with the Biowarmer wood chip conveyor, customers have long been choosing automation with internet control. The ability to immediately view the system without leaving the office or home definitely contributes to the comfort of using central heating. In plants that have a constant demand for thermal energy, for example, which have dryers, preview functions and, more importantly, immediate notification of a possible failure is undoubtedly a big advantage.

The internet controller can communicate with us in several different ways. We can use a classic web browser or mobile applications for different systems, which are made available by the manufacturer. Messages can be sent to the user, depending on the module, by e-mail or SMS. Messages in the application itself are also possible. Messages can relate to, for example, failure of one of the sensors, or simply the lack of fuel in the container. Most of these types of drivers also save the device's work history. Work charts are generated so that we have a preview of how the device worked in the last specified time. This gives us the opportunity to analyze and predict, for example, the amount of fuel burned.

How to connect the furnace internet module to our network?
The module itself can connect to the home wired network, using an Ethernet cable, or wirelessly with a Wi-Fi network. If for some reason we cannot connect the Internet controller to the home network, we can use the GSM module. This solution allows you to manage the heating system even in places where there is no permanent connection to the Internet.

To sum up, whether we are an individual or a business user, the heating control system via the Internet can significantly contribute to increasing the comfort of using a central heating boiler.

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