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Boiler Futura Pellets B 15-100 kW

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  • Power: 24 kW

Fuel type:

  • Pellets Pellets


Futura Pellets B is a central heating boiler with built in special pellets burner, suitable for burning pellets in an automatic way. The product is aimed at users looking for an alternative to gas or oil heating wishing to burn solid fuel with a minimum of handling and high thermal comfort. Pellet burner mounted in the boiler has an automatic ignition and power modulation system. This is why Futura boiler can be more economical than a traditional oven up to 40%, because it only works when there is a demand for heat - avoiding sustaining mode as in conventional boilers for eco-coal.

Heat exchanger of the boiler is profesionally welded and check in high pressure. Burner is made from cast iron parts to prolong his operation life.

Installed pellet burner has special cleaning system and 2 screws - one for feeder and second inside burner.

Boiler is equiped with advanced controller which employs advanced technology and is capable of controlling the combustion process for boilers and pellet furnaces, as well as other biomass burning equipment.

The new generation microprocessor regulator provides the user with:

  • intuitive and simple operation
  • possibility to benefit from various functions
  • unique design (the Touch & Play control system, eye-catching display, presenting information in the form of meaningful icons)
  • fuzzy logic system  ( automatic air and fuel adjustement)
  • optional lambda probe
  • optional LAN/ WI FI  connection
  • weather condition priority
  • 2-3 heating circles regulation

Futura Pellets B is used for heating both single-family homes and workshops, public buildings or buildings of commerce. The boiler has different variants of automation and fuel delivery systems, and is funded by BAFA

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