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Another mobile container with our boiler

Another mobile container with our boiler

Our company is specialized with outdoor boilers and heat containers for years. We have houndred of references across Europe. 

As EU manufacturer of heat containers we can offer dedicated special containers for:

  • biomass combustion
  • wood chip, sawdust, pellet, briquettes combustion
  • waste combustion
  • biomass storage
  • rdf / srf combustion and storage
Our heat container can be delivered with power output from 100 kW to 2 000 kW. Wood chip mobile boilers can be combined with external storage containers. It is often not enough space in one container to locate boiler, burner and biomass storage  - specially in bigger industrial units We can split boiler room into 2 separate containers - one for boiler, burner and controller and second for biomass storage - it will be around 52 m3 of space for woodchips or other fuel. 
We can also use system with one heat mobile container and external silo. There are many possibilites to provide efficient heating system solution. Please, contact us and we can arrange evertyhing for ready to plug mobile container:
  • project
  • idea of technology
  • assembly
  • production
  • first start up of the system
We deliver our system Europe wide or even World wide.

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