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Agrotech fairs 2019

Agrotech fairs 2019

Our central heating boilers and furnaces could be seen during Agrotech fairs last weekend.

We offer almost complete systems for heating dedicated to farmers and growers. We can burn every sort of agrobiomass and timber like:

- offcuts & shavings

- woodchips

- logs

- miscanthus chips

- grain

- straw bale

- briquettes

in power output range from 25 kW to 5 000 kW.

Heating with wood chips provide cheapest energy source for not only farmers & growers but for industry,plants as well. 

The wood chips (product of chipping) can be assigned for production of particle and fibre boards. We offer boilers for all fractions of industrial wood chips. We have wood chips fractions based on 5 fraction classes. Fraction 10-35 mm is mostly avaible to purchase on each market. We can easily produce it by cheap and easily accessable woodchips maschines.

We can produce wood chips from almost each raw material based on biomass sources. This is one of the cheapes source of renewables across all the world. Our boilers can burn each sort of wood chips and agro chips and briquettes as well.

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