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Agroshow fairs - heating boilers for farmers

Agroshow fairs - heating boilers for farmers

We offer perfect solution for farmers and growers - eco boilers with hopper and automatic feeding system designed for eco fuel: wood chips, straw, briquettes, agrowaste, sawdust. Boiler series Biowarmer are well known with wide reference list across Europe.

Our central heating boilers with hopper can supply with hot water not only domestic houses and multifamily houses but also greenhouses, farmer's buldings, warehouses or factories. Low emmision and very low operations costs due to cheap biofiuels like biomass are big advantages of this boiler.

During agroshow it was croud of satisfied customers who for years use our heating systems and solutions. We presented also other biomass fired boiler - agrowarmer for straw bales and briquettes.

Our basic offer is based also on dependable and reliable wood gasifiers for log woods and timber 50 cm long. We offer it in 2 versions:  logs and logs & pellets. This model is 3 chamber wood gasification boiler with innovation -after wood logs are ended pellet burner automaticaly starts and heating is based on pellet source.

Biomass is still cheapest fuel on the market - sources of wood chips, agrowaste, forest waste, timber, sawdust. In our boilers we can use also granulated renewables like briquettes or pellets. They are more expensive but fuel is better quallity and with lower ash rate. Ash rate is important for daily usage - if we have more like by straw we must clean burner and boiler often. If we have renewables with law ash content like pellets - we make maintainace every month which is more comfortable.


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