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  • Biggest fairs for joinery, sawmills, furniture factories - this is Drema Poznan 2018. 

  • On 16-19 June a series of agricultural fairs took place in which we took part. These were the days of agriculture, the Opolagra exhibition and garden fairs.

  • International fairs for heating, cooling and green Energy took place at the last week of April in Poland. 

  • On march 2018 it was important event, that took place in Ukraine - GreenEnergy. All about renevables in Ukraine - we were there !

  • Woodchips are still cheap and avaible. We offer wide range of heating boilers fired with woodchips from 20 kW to 5 MW. 

  • Our company has been offering ecological heating systems on the Polish market for years. The company's owners are goverment advisers and help  social committees to fight with smog. 

  • POL-ECO-SYSTEM are the biggest in Poland trade fair of environmental protection. Our newest technology of movable grate burner was awarded during this exhibition. 

  • We invite our present partners and potential commercial partners into Energy Fairs in Minsk - 10-13.10.2017.

  • Our wide offer of heating boilers, burners and furnaces is presented during World Expo 2017 in Astana. 

  • Our wide offer of different solid fuel and biomass heating boilers were presented during last fairs in Plonsk.

  • Heating for farmers,greenhouses,hovels,plantations.Our newest biomass fired boilers Biowarmer can provide cheap heating source for each farmer's buildings.We presented our biomass fired burners during last farmer fairs across the Europe.

  • Our company extended industrial boilers and heating systems with power range 50 kW to 5000 kW.Thermal treatment and combustion of different waste like : municipal, biomass, sludge, agro waste are the cheapest fuel on the market. Advanced thermal treatment of municipal and sludge waste is now very popular project. 

  • Our trade partner Szalagro in Hungary had  just opened new office and showroom in December 2016.

  • We took part in Warsaw Energy mixer - meeting of goverment with biggest polish energy producers and manufacturers of thermal plants and industrial boilers.


  • Now, for most of our biomass fired heating boilers, we can offer suction fan.

  • Thermal utilization and drying technologies were subject of latest conference about treatmen and sludge utilization. 

  • Biggest renewables fairs took place in October in Warsaw in Poland. 

  • 30.10.2016

    Aqua Therm Kiev

    We took place in biggest fairs of renewables and heating technologies in Ukraine- Aquatherm Kiev.

  • Our company took place in most popular farmer's exhibition in Croatia, in Bjelovar. We presented there our farmer's heating program with straw fired manual and automatic central heating boilers and furnaces. 

  • In September, our infomobile with biomass heating boilers and burners archived Croatia and city Zadar.We presented there solutions for eco heating thanks pellets, agropellets, waste from grapes and fruits or biomass.

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